Our Siberian cats: The boys

These are the handsome boys who live here with us or have contributed to our breeding program. We generally have two to three males active at a time, and those waiting for their turn or who have been important to us are listed as well. 


Lupin Cat's Wine


Dior Dubravushka

How we treat our breeding cats

It’s very important to us to treat our breeding males well. In order to prevent uncontrolled breeding and to keep the females healthy, the Siberian boys must be separated from the girls – but they deserve human contact and the joy of being a house cat just like the girls do.

What we have landed on as a compromise is (literally) a divided house. We have a large room dedicated to keeping cats very happy, with trees and condos and hammocks and toys galore, and we rotate the girls and boys every two weeks. During “boy weeks,” when the males are in the people side of the house, we’re covered in heavy, purring giants who sprawl over all the surfaces and lift their heads only to blink at us contentedly. During “girl weeks,” while the boys settle in the cat room, we play every game known to catdom, keeping the bright and inquisitive girls occupied and interested.

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