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With more than twenty years of knowledge and expertise, we’re committed to making sure you go home with the perfect Siberian kitten for you and your family. We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.

Siberian kitten purchase process

Our Siberian kittens are usually ready to go to their new homes when they are about 16 weeks old, or after their spay/neuter. However, our kittens are often reserved before they are born. Our usual wait time for kittens is 3-6 months, but we accept reservations up to 18 months in advance, so it is good to plan ahead to avoid disappointment – especially if you have very particular desires for color or kitten gender.

If you are ready to submit an application for a kitten, please

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Kitten purchase timeline


Please read through the information on our website, which has information about the Siberian cat breed, about proper kitten care and feeding, and other useful stuff, as well as our contract and deposit agreement. Please take the time to read it thoroughly to make sure you are comfortable with the process of buying from us.


Use the application in the kitten packet and submit to us. We do not discriminate based on location or income, nor do we reject any potential owner because of disability, beliefs, or family situation. Any questions we ask are for the sake of matching the best kitten to your family. A nonrefundable deposit holds your place in the litter and is an assurance from us to you that you will be offered a kitten in the litter of your choice. If we cannot fulfill this obligation for any reason, we’ll offer you another kitten in the next available litter. If for any reason the next available litter is not a good match, we’ll refund your deposit in full.


Kittens are offered to families in the order in which deposits were received, in three tiers. We retain the pick kitten in every litter for our own home. The second tier of picks is offered to families looking for therapy cats or emotional support animals, if there are suitable kittens in the litter. Families seeking companions are third to pick. We never take more than four deposits per litter. We do our best to take your preferences into consideration, but we will never forego the right temperament for your family in order to please anyone on color, gender, size or other physical traits.

Worried that your perfect kitten will go to someone else? Don’t be. We’ve never had it happen – we’ve seen that the kittens do a very good job attaching themselves to their destined families, and the kitten you fall in love with is very unlikely to be the one that other families do. In the highly unlikely event that you do not want to move forward with the kitten that has been reserved for you, you may opt to transfer your reservation to an alternative upcoming or planned litter.


Sometime between twelve and fourteen weeks, the entire litter goes to our beloved vet for their comprehensive vet check, rabies vaccination, and spay or neuter. You can be assured that every kitten has been screened for heart, lung, eye, ear, and communicative diseases. The spay or neuter is something we trust to very few vets, and we use a specialist clinic with a vet we rely on implicitly.


All kittens come home to rest and recover after their surgeries. Neutered boys heal after just a week or so; spayed girls generally need about ten days. While you’re waiting, take the time to do some shopping!

Bringing home a new cat is a little like adopting a human baby. However, in the case of a cat, you’ll be shopping for a litter box instead of a changing table! Do your preparation shopping a few days in advance to minimize stress for you and your Siberian kitten on “homecoming day.” In the excitement of bringing your kitten home, you don’t want to suddenly discover at 8 p.m. that you forgot to buy cat litter. We’ll send a generous portion of food home with your Siberian kitten, but you should have dishes, toys, grooming materials, and at least one litter box on each floor of your home.

In addition, every owner must send us a safe and crash-tested transport carrier at least a week before the kitten will come home; we will not allow any kittens to go home in substandard plastic crates or wire cages. While they heal, the kittens sleep and relax in these carriers, so they feel very connected to them and do not panic during travel. We strongly recommend Sleepypod; the list of approved carriers is HERE.


At approximately sixteen weeks, your kitten is ready to come home! Her smooth transition depends on you giving her a safe, predictable adjustment to her new home. If you protect her during these crucial first weeks, you will have a confident, people-oriented cat that is a joy to know and own.


For the first week or two, it’s vital that your Siberian kitten have a safe room to adjust to your home – especially if you have other dogs and cats. You’ll find that your kitten is almost immediately brave and social, but your other animals need some time to accept this new arrival, and the kitten needs to understand where she fits in your home. Encourage your kitten to voluntarily choose to socialize with you and other family members in her safe room room, but for a few days, let her decide whether to hide or mingle. When your kitten is asking on his own to leave the room, that’s when you can begin to leave the door open for him to come and go. This short time of adjustment will lead to many benefits in terms of the relationship your Siberian cat will have with your family for many years to come.


The service we provide does not stop once you have purchased your Siberian kitten. We are here for you and your Siberian cat for as long as you need us. We provide a lifetime of support and will always be happy to answer your questions and offer advice by email, over the phone or in person. We love to keep in touch with our kitten owners and are always delighted to receive photos and progress reports.