Siberian cat health testing

We are fortunate that our Siberian cats do not tend to suffer from major health conditions. Of course, any individual cat of any breed could be unfortunate – no cat is immune from disease – but our Siberian kittens are generally healthy compared to most.

To make sure that you have the positive experience you deserve when you purchase a Siberian kitten from us, we use genetic and physical health testing.

Kitten health testing

We believe that good breeding must come from studying and implementing the best research into animal health. Making lovely cats is an art, yes, but we’d rather err on the side of science. Every cat we even consider breeding goes through genetic testing and analysis of its individual diversity and inbreeding. We work toward the development and sharing of evidence-based breeding findings that are of value to the entire breeding community; our dogs have been participants in multiple research studies and our cats will be the same. We also encourage our owners to stay in touch, not just for good updates but for tough ones too. We value the long-term tracking of results to measure the effectiveness of our approach to breeding — in terms of genetic health and longevity.

DNA testing

Every cat we breed is comprehensively cleared for genetic disorders. We test for 40+ individual diseases, and this number will continue to expand.


Siberian cats have a low incidence of orthopedic disease, but we warranty every cat against crippling hip and elbow dysplasia.

Veterinarian checks

Heart and kidney ultrasounds are performed as needed, and we warranty each Siberian kitten against hypertrophic cardiomyopathy until its first birthday and against kidney disease until age two.

Generous health warranty

You can count on our generous health warranty, which covers all inherited crippling or life-shortening disorders diagnosed before the cat is two. We know you counted on a long, happy life with your Siberian kitten, and if it looks like that won’t be the case, we will replace your kitten with no questions asked.