Who we are

We began breeding more than twenty years ago. Since then, we have built and developed a breeding program that we are very proud of, and – even more important – we’re committed to treating our Siberian cats and our cat and kitten owners in the very best way.

It’s delightful to meet you

Our philosophy is that we want to produce cats for people like us – loving families who have a passion for imagination and for Siberians, who love kittens and cats, and who want a beautiful family friend that is loving, safe, and sound. We welcome you to our home on the web. Whether you are a long-time friend or just beginning your adventure with us, we hope you find this site a useful resource.
This is what we stand for: fun and a healthy dose of fandom, trust, experience, and dedication. We look forward to journeying with you.

Artemis Figg

slept her infant naps not in a crib but in a whelping box full of puppies.

She has been helping with litters and in charge of breeding decisions since she was in leading-strings; she does not have just one familiar but an entire herd of them, who follow her around the cottage and surround her on every surface.

Her aunt Arabella prepared Artemis well, and Artemis is now striking out on her own, providing enchanting and magical friends to those who love them as much as she does.

Jocasta Prowle

did not get the highest possible scores in Divination, but she is an authority on bringing small creatures into the world and keeping them happy and healthy throughout long, rewarding lives.

She has spent many years nurturing not just the carefully bred kittens from our loving home, but the most vulnerable and sick babies in need of experienced livesaving care.

And at the end of the day, nothing could be better than being covered with the now-grown and thriving results of that work, in the form of loving rescue cats and dogs (and of course beautiful Siberian cats and kittens!).

What we do as a cattery

Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful, loving, and loyal kittens for our adoptive families to love.

We are a TICA-registered cattery and are dedicated TICA members who participate in TICA shows. We follow the TICA voluntary code of ethics.

We provide an adoption/purchase contract in plain English that spells out our responsibilities, your responsibilities, our generous health guarantees and return policy.

We use Optimal Selection for our exclusive DNA panel testing. This allows us to find breeding partners who are not closely related, to push to greater genetic diversity, and to ensure that we’ve prevented any genetic diseases that are in our power to avoid.

In addition, we

  • Never sell kittens to a dealer or pet shop.
  • Offer unlimited guidance and support to new owners.
  • Provide health information, an official veterinarian health check, spay/neuter, and TICA pedigree
  • Will take back any kitten of our breeding, at any time and for any reason.

Please don’t be a stranger


We hope you stay in touch with us! Your relationship with us doesn’t end at thirteen weeks when you bring your Siberian kitten home – we hope that we can help you, support you, celebrate your cat’s successes, and be a source of information for many years to come.

Here are the top reasons to stay in touch with your breeder, whether it’s us or another responsible Siberian cat breeder:

It helps you and your kitten.

Your breeder has a wealth of knowledge about Siberians, health, training methods, nutrition, and your cat’s siblings and other relatives. If breeder may have encountered and resolved any challenges that you are facing; thus, a quick chat with the breeder may open the door to fixing any issues that you’re experiencing.

You want to know (and should ask directly) if any of the cats in that line have had similar issues and how they were resolved. Any time you contact your breeder regarding a health issue or with an important behavior question, they should get back to you quickly and honestly.

It helps the breeder.

The best breeders want to be kept in the loop. A breeder cannot determine the success of the breeding by how the kittens look and act at only 8 weeks old. The more you can tell your breeder about your kitten’s skills and talents, health, looks, and personality, the better. This will help us make future decisions about breeding that cat’s parents or relatives again.

You may want another kitten from that breeder.

The best way to know if you you want to go back to a breeder for a second or even third kitten is if you’ve had a good experience with the first one. You should test and prove your relationship with that breeder, so you feel good about continuing it. In addition, using a breeder who truly knows your lifestyle and desires and has watched you with your cat for a few years will enable the breeder to better select the correct kitten for you out of the next litter.

If you’ve already lost touch with your breeder, reach out and send a few photos to get the conversation rolling. Don’t miss out on this wealth of knowledge.