We typically have kittens every 3-4 months. Our waiting list always greatly exceeds the number of kittens we have born, and we rarely have available “on demand” kittens. If you are interested in a kitten, please submit an application and we’ll make sure you’re on our notification list and get emails when kittens are born.


Happy spring! As of 4/13/24 our summer waiting list is full, but if you are flexible on color/gender we would love to have you apply as an alternate. 


We have two planned breedings for kittens going home in September/October; these will ALL be tabbies, with possible silvers; no pointed kittens and no solid kittens are expected. We may add a third breeding with more colors if we have a longer waiting list. 



Inquiring from far away? We have a loving, reliable flight nanny that can deliver anywhere in the United States for a reasonable fee.


Come read about what makes us different, and submit an application to reserve your own perfect Siberian companion.

Welcome to Figg&Prowle: Siberian kittens in New England

A few Bespoke Siberian kittens each year, from elite imported parents, beautifully bred and destined to be loving and bonded partners.
Our cats are health tested, and each kitten comes to you with a generous health warranty.
Committed, loving families who understand the magic of a true friend – these are the people who find their best match here at Figg & Prowle.

What makes us different

We believe that every member of every family should be respected, cherished, and welcomed. We are privileged to provide Siberian kittens for families in transition and individuals with different abilities.

We import breeding cats based on low inbreeding, health, and of course the beauty and size that comes with genuine Siberian cat heritage.

We offer a two-year inherited condition warranty, with no questions asked.

All our Siberian cats are health tested, including hundreds of DNA health tests, and we would never breed a cat with a health issue.

Respecting all abilities

We place a few very special Siberian kittens each year in therapy or emotional support animal homes. Therapy cats can be miraculous in homes that are in transition due to loss, divorce, or trauma, as well as for homes with disability-related needs. We’d love to tell you more about our therapy cat/Siberian emotional support animal selection process.

The best cats in the world

Our Siberian cats come from the most elite pedigrees in Russia, Poland, Russia, the Ukraine, and surrounding countries. We are located in beautiful New England, and breed Siberian cats in a wide variety of colors and patterns including Neva Masquerade (color point Siberians), solid black, red and cream tabby, blue tabby, and torbie.

Carefully nurtured kittens

We offer a small number of beautifully bred Siberian kittens for carefully chosen families. Our purebred Siberians are carefully socialized and raised in our home, underfoot. Kittens are TICA registered, spayed or neutered, and will be completely vet checked before they are delivered to their new families.

Unlimited support

We know you worry that an investment may not be protected – that’s why we are always here for you, with lifetime support and a generous replacement policy. Never hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help. We are TICA members, follow the voluntary TICA code of ethics, and our Siberian cattery is TICA registered. Our kittens are also eligible for CFA registration if you desire.

Our gorgeous Siberian cats

New England Siberian kittens