Deposit information
Purchasing a Siberian kitten


Putting a deposit down to hold a kitten from Figg&Prowle




To hold your kitten and keep your place in the litter, the deposit is $500 per kitten.


My paypal address is
My Venmo address is figgandprowle


If you are paying via credit card, the total amount to submit is $515 (this accounts for the 3% fee that Paypal charges for credit cards); if you are paying through debit or balance, the total amount is $500 even.


Please read this carefully so you are comfortable with the terms before you send the deposit:




– The deposit is non-refundable unless I can no longer offer you a kitten – for example, the kitten has passed away, did not pass its health test, etc. In that case, I will offer you a full refund or a movement to the next litter, at your choice. I have never had this happen, because I don’t take deposits until the kittens are thriving, but if it ever did, you’d have the choice of how I make it right with you.


Once in the last few years, I’ve had to reschedule a neuter and therefore a kitten pickup because the initial vet visit found a very minor issue (as I remember, it was that the kitten was a little wheezy, which we believe was because he had thrown a screeching fit in the waiting room because he wanted the techs to pick him up, but we delayed the neuter for a week just in case; the follow-up was normal and the neuter went forward). That kind of minor delay is not a reason to refund a deposit, but any true failure on my part to give you a kitten is.


– The deposits legally hold your place in the litter, not a specific kitten. I will make every effort to give you your first choice and the kittens we’ve preliminarily agreed on, but if something goes pear-shaped when I do temperament/behavior evaluations, sometimes it’s in everyone’s best interests to have kittens swapped between families. As with number one, this has never happened, but it’s an option I keep open for the good of everybody involved. If I am even contemplating such a thing, I’ll keep you very closely updated and do nothing without making sure everyone is content with the move.


– In the interest of those on our waitlist, we don’t hold kittens without a deposit, and only a deposit holds a kitten. If you’d like to wait to make a deposit until after you’ve visited the kitten, please keep in mind that we may offer that kitten to another person on our waitlist.


– Your paypal transaction functions as your legal receipt for the deposit; I can also send you a simple deposit contract if you’d prefer. Just let me know.


– I know this is a lot of money, and an even greater amount of money for “just a cat.” I am one hundred percent committed to making you feel like you are making a good investment, and are well taken care of. My health warranty and replacement in case of anything inherited going wrong are just the beginning of that effort; I am here to support you however I can, for the lifetime of the cats. Don’t hesitate to use that, and to seek me out for anything big or small


Once you’ve given a deposit, I do my absolute best to answer any questions within a few hours, and keep you updated very regularly. Please be patient with me; I get literally scores of kitten-related emails every day, and sometimes your questions may get lost in the chaos. If I have not answered your question within 24 hours, please send it again. If for any reason you have an emergency question, clearly label it EMERGENCY in the subject line.


Finally, thank you so much for loving these kittens already; I am so excited for you.